Hacking is the process of gaining unwanted access to a device. Ethical hacking is done for a good reason—an CEH certification course designed for the ethical hacker to protect an organization’s sensitive resources. Ethical hacking is used by businesses to assess the security of their gadgets.

A Certifications Hacker is frequently hired by large corporations to protect and secure their networks against cyber-attacks. Therefore, you’ll need to take the CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) exam to do so. However, we’ll go over all you need to know about the CEH examination in this article. You can also be an expert in this area when you’re well in the programming language, communications, analytics, and software platforms.

Is CEH a Good Fit for Me?

If you have information systems experience and are a gadget, patient, adaptable, and ambitious person with great problem-solving ability, this could be a wonderful chance for you.

What is the Cost of CEH Certification?

You must immediately report to the EC council to determine your qualifications, however, if you are self-studying. 

The application fee for the CEH certification course remains the same as if you receive training from a level of reliability. However, the voucher costs $850. For overseas applicants, the EC council costs $885. Payments must be paid in US dollars at all times. An additional amount of $100 is required, and the certificate costs $950.

What is the CEH Exam’s Background?

The EC Council developed the Certified Ethical Hacker test in 2003. CEH v11 is the latest edition of the exam. OT technologies, Web API, APT, and Web shell are among the subjects covered. In addition, the v11 offers a larger variety of tools for getting hands-on expertise. CEH v11 is a significant improvement over CEH v10. However, additional laboratories have been added to CEH v11, and more subjects have been included in the syllabus. The paper structure, qualifications, and timing of the exam are just the same as in v10.

Is it Possible to Learn Ethical Hacking from Internet Resources?

Although it is possible to study ethical hacking online, most online classes do not include hands-on training that is required to become a skilled hacker. Therefore, the seeker offers both free and paid practice questions to help you prepare for the CEH certification course.

Am I qualified to sit for the CEH exam?

To take courses or take the exam, you must be at least 18 years of age. Before you can perform the exam, you must present proof of instruction to the EC Council. However, you have two options for order to prepare: you can study yourself or go to an authorized testing center for training.

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